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Moto Asian Cuisine Menu and Delivery in Cumming GA, 30040
  • Moto Asian Cuisine

  • Japanese, Sushi, Chinese, Sushi Bars, Thai
  • 655 Atlanta Hwy Cumming GA, 30040
    - (240) EatStreet Rating
  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $18.00
  • Delivery Cost $2.50 - $3.50

Restaurant is Closed

Next Delivery at 11:30 AM

  • Moto Signature Special Sushi
  • Jalapeno Dynamite Fried tempura Jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese.
  • Fresh Salmon Carpaccio (8 pcs) Thin slices of fresh salmon, avocado, drizzle with special homemade sauce
  • Hamachi Jalapenos (8 pcs) Yellow tail sashimi, scallion, fresh jalapenos over moto special sauce
  • Moto Cripsy Roller Ball Inside:Tempura tuna, masago, sriracha, scalllion, flash fried, drizzled with spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and eel sauce
  • Red Dragon Roll Shrimp tempura roll topped with spicy tuna and red tobiko, dressed with spicy mayo sauce.
  • Oh My God Roll Baked california roll topped with scallop, tuna, crab tempura, drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce
  • Avocado Bomb Roll Lightly battered avocado filled with spicy tuna in a sweet brown sauce and aioli sauce.
  • Crispy Tuna Flashed seared tuna with japanese panko bread and ponzu sauce, topped with green onion, masago, mayonnaise and spicy sauce
  • Kamikaze Roll Mixed spicy crab and spicy tuna, topped with avocado and baked BBQ eel, drizzled with spicy mayo, eel sauce and wasabi mayo sauce.
  • Casanova Roll Avocado, cream cheese, smoked salmon and jalapeno, topped with baked BBQ eel and masago. Drizzled with spicy mayo, wasabi mayo and eel sauce.
  • Oishi Roll Crunchy shrimp roll with Jalapeno, topped with seared white tuna and tobiko, dressed with Moto special sauce.
  • Serendipity Roll Crabstick, cream cheese, cucumber and jalapeno, deep fried, dressed with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
  • Lovejoy Roll Spicy tuna roll and jalapeno, topped with seared albacore tuna and tobiko, drizzled with Moto special sauce.
  • Tokyo Roll Shrimp tempura roll with cream cheese, tobiko and crunch on top, drizzled with spicy mayo and eel sauce.
  • Atom Bomb Spicy tuna, crunch, cucumber, topped with baked salmon, masago, green onion, served over spicy mayo, eel sauce
  • Gone with the Wind Spicy crab, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese topped with avocado and eel
  • Lake Lanier Roll Inside:shrimp tempura, asapragus, avocado, crab mixed, topped with assorted white fish, drizzled with eel sauce and wasabi mayo sauce
  • King Scorpion Crabstick, soft shell crab, shrimp tempura, cream cheese, avocado, topped with ebi, spicy mayo and tobiko
  • Lunch Box Combination
  • Served with steamed rice, salad, and miso soup.

    Hours Today: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm

    These items are not currently available
  • Choose Two Items Lunch Box One regular item and one seafood item.
  • Choose Two Seafood Items Lunch Box Served with your Choice of two items: Shrimp Tempura, Calamari Tempura, Crunchy Shrimp Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Crab Tempura Roll, Sashimi (5pcs), Grilled Tuna, Grilled Tipalpia, Grilled Calamar, iTeriyaki Salmon, Seaweed Salad and Crab Ragoon.
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