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Kawa Japanese Menu and Delivery in Milwaukee WI, 53217
  • Kawa Japanese

  • Japanese Food, Sushi, Japanese, Sushi Bars
  • 325 W Silver Spring Dr Milwaukee WI, 53217
    - 17 ratings
  • Hours 11:00am - 9:30pm
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $35.00
  • Delivery Cost Free Delivery
  • Lunch Bento Special
  • Bento Special Served with California roll salad, rice and shumai or spring roll.
  • Appetizers from Sushi Bar
  • Sushi 4 pcs assorted sushi.
  • Sashimi 7 pcs assorted sashimi.
  • Yuzu Salmon Fatty salmon, avocado, served with chef's yuzu miso sauce.
  • Yellow Tail Jalapeno Sliced yellowtail top with jalapeno and black caviar, yuzu sayce.
  • Naruto Crab and tuna rolled in thinly sliced cucumber, topped with tobiko and served with ponzu sauce.
  • Pepper Tuna Sliced pepper crusted tuna served with ponzu sauce.
  • Tuna Dumpling Tuna stuffed with the lobster salad and avocado mixed. Topped with wasabi tobiko, served with honey wasabi sauce and eel sauce.
  • Salmon Delight Spicy crab salad wrapped with fresh salmon and topped with assorted tobiko and drizzled with eel sauce and wasabi mayo.
  • Fancy Tartar Spicy tuna, lobster salad, and avocado layer with tartar glazed.
  • Dinosaur Egg Spicy lobster salad wrapped in sliced avocado and served with spicy chef's sauce.
  • Jalapenos Pepper Jumbo jalapeno stuffed with spicy tuna and cream cheese deep fried then topped with eel sauce and scallion.
  • Beef Tartar Thinly sliced and sear angus beef topped with diced jalapenos, scallion and chef special sauce.
  • Special Roll
  • Dragon Roll Eel and cucumber inside, topped with avocado, served with eel sauce.
  • Incredible Roll Salmon tempura and avocado inside, topped with spicy crabmeat, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • White Swan Roll Spicy yellow tail tempura flakes and tobiko, topped with white tuna.
  • Rainbow Roll Blue crabmeat and cucumber topped with tuna, white tuna, salmon and avocado.
  • Godzilla Roll Tempura fried spicy tuna and avocado, topped with scallions, tobiko, eel sauce, spicy mayo and sweet chili sauce.
  • Green Bay Roll Eel, avocado, smoked jalapeno topped with green tobiko, lkura and eel sauce.
  • Crazy Tuna Roll Crunchy spicy tuna topped with paper tuna and avocado.
  • Golden Dream Roll Shrimp tempura and avocado topped with sliced mango and mango sauce.
  • Fantastic Melody Roll Tempura fried spicy crabmeat, avocado and cream cheese topped with spicy mayo, eel sauce, scallions and tobiko.
  • Crunch Dragon Roll Spicy tuna, avocado, honey roast peanut wrapped with sesame soy wrapper.
  • Amazing Roll Tempura shrimp and avocado inside, topped with spicy lobster salad and honey kimchi sauce.
  • Hot Maki Shrimp tempura and avocado inside, topped with tuna, jalapeno, served with eel sauce.
  • Scorpion King Roll Tempura soft shell crab, avocado and cucumber topped with assorted tobiko, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • Angel Hair Roll Shrimp tempura with sliced apple inside, topped with crabmeat, fish eggs, and scallion flakes, eel sauce and spicy mayo sauce.
  • Fan the Flame Roll Brown rice with white tuna, smoke jalapeno, avocado topped with tuna.
  • Salmon Lover Roll Crabmeat & avocado inside topped with salmon & ikura.
  • Mars Roll Crunchy spicy lobster inside, topped with tuna and salmon.
  • Eternal Love Roll Spicy tuna and tempura fried sweet potato topped with tuna, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • Rising Sun Roll Crabmeat, caviar, scallion, japanese mayo and crunchy top with torched salmon belly, yuzu miso sauce, eel sauce and spicy mayo.
  • Ninja Roll Crunch spicy tuna, spicy salmon, spicy yellowtail inside, topped with black caviar.
  • Hawaii Roll Shrimp tempura, banan, wrapped with soybean pepper topped with crabmeat and mango sauce.
  • Fuji Roll Salmon, asparagus, cucumber, topped with a spicy scallop and crab, tobiko, lightly torched.
  • Silent Scream Roll Tempura eel, cucumber topped with spicy tuna, avocado, fried onion served with eel sauce.
  • T Rex Roll Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, white tuna and crabmeat served tempura style topped with mango chutney, spicy mayo, eel sauce, scallions and tobiko.
  • Summer Roll Inside: Tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber wrapped with soybean paper. Outside: avocado & mango.
  • Dancing Eel Spicy blue crab and avocado, topped with eel, eel sauce. Tempura flakes, scallion and tobiko.
  • Entrees from Susi Bar
  • Veggie Maki Three vegetable maki: Sweet potato, Avocado, Cucumber. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Spicy Maki Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Spicy Crab. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Maki Platter A Tuna roll, avocado and cucumber roll and shrimp tempura roll. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Maki Platter B California roll, Godzilla roll and shrimp tempura.Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Sake Don Salmon on bed of sushi rice. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Big Eye Tuna Poke Bowl Seaweed salad, avocado, tobiko, fried onion, chucked tuna, seaweed flakes, tempura flakes, spicy mayo.
  • Chirashi Assorted fish of the day served over a bed of rice with house pickled radish.
  • Sushi Regular Seven pieces of assorted sushi and one roll of California. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Sushi Deluxe Nine pieces of assorted sushi and one tuna roll. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Sashimi Regular Fifteen pieces of assorted slices of fish with rice. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Sashmi Deluxe Nineteen pieces of assorted slices of fish with rice. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Sushi and Sashimi 5 pcs sushi, 12 pcs sashimi & 1 roll of tuna with rice. Served with miso soup and salad.
  • Love Boat 11 pcs sushi, 15 pcs sashimi & angle hair roll.
  • Party Boat 17 pcs sushi, 21 pcs sashimi, tuna roll & dragon roll.
  • Soba Noodle Soup
  • Nebe YakiSoba Japanese noodles, served in broth with shrimps & vegetables tempura.
  • Seafood Soba Japanese noodles soup with shrimp, scallop, clam, crab sticks, egg and vegetable.

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Reviews for Kawa Japanese
2 Reviews
Rated 5 out of 5
Aug 26, 2018
Fresh and satisfying dinner! Matt my family's expectations. We ordered teriyaki dinners and sushi rolls. Friendly customer service, we will definitely return!
Rated 4 out of 5
Jul 27, 2018
So yummy, but forgot our soup and salad :(

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