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Himalayan Heritage Menu and Delivery in Washington DC, 20009
  • Himalayan Heritage

  • Ethnic Food, Himalayan & Nepalese Food, Indian Food, Indian, Himalayan/Nepalese
  • 2305 18th St NW Washington DC, 20009
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  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $25.00
  • Delivery Cost Free Delivery
  • Tandoori Sizzler
  • Served with Basmati rice.

  • Chicken Tikka Boneless chicken marinated inspices & baked in tandoori (Clay oven).
  • Tandoori Chicken Half chicken (leg & breast) marinated in spices & baked in Tandoor (Clay oven).
  • Shrimp Kabob Jumbo shrimps marinated in honey mustard & cooked in tandoor.
  • Lamb ko Jhir spicyLamb cubes marinated in yogurt, herbs & spices, grilled in a clay oven, sauteed in pan before serving.
  • Lamb Chop Lamb Chop marinated overnight in yogurt & spices & cookec in tandoor oven.
  • Salmon Tikka Fillet of Salmon delicately marinated in fresh herbs & cooked in tandoor.
  • Mixed vegetable Kabob Cottage Cheese, cauliflower, Potatoes, peppers, onion & tomato mixedc with a blend of yougurt, ginger & garlic grilled in a clay oven.
  • Non - Veg Curry
  • Served with Basmati rice.

  • Tikka Masala Tomato cream base sauce cooked well with spices. chikcen tikka masala is considered to be the national dish of england.
  • Vindaloo spicyFiery spicy dish. Tomato Onion based grevy cooked well with kashmiri red chilli, cumin mustard, ginger spices & vinegar. vindaloo is the most popular dish in the region of GOA. It has Portuguese origin.
  • Korma (N) Thick mild cream & nut based sauce cooked with fenugreek, cumin, ginger, garlic, herbs & spices.
  • Saag Chopped Spinach cooked with onion, fenugreek, cumin, ginger, garlic, herbs & Spices.
  • Butter Chicken (M) Chicken cooked with bold spices & gentle flavors ina delicate comnbination of tomatoes, cream & butter finished.
  • Chicken Jalfreeze Thick onion & tomato based sauce cooked well with onion, bell peppers & himalayan spices.
  • Goa Fish Curry (N) Fish filled cut into pieces & cooked with onion, coconut milk, spices & herbs.
  • Lamb Rogan Josh A traditional lamb stewed with chopped onions, tomatoes & fresh ground spices & yogurt. Originally from kashmir (Northern region of India).
  • Heritage Special
  • Nepalise Style Curry Onion, Tomato based sauce cooked with roasted cumin, coriander, cilantro & green onion.
  • Goat Curry spicyTender bone in goat sauteed in ginger & garlic, marinated in himalayan spices, cooked well in mild tomato & onion sauce.
  • Daal Bhaat Tarkari (Veg, Non Veg) Rice, Mas ko daal (black lentil), Vegetable of the day or khasi ko masu (Goat curry), aloo ko achar (Potato pickle).
  • Himalayan Karahi spicyMixture of barbeque chicken & lamb cooked with tomatoes, bell peppers & coriander leaves, moderately spice & tossed with red wine.
  • Wonders of Nepal
  • Chicken Mo : Mo Dumpling Minced chicken mixed with nepali spices & steamed insede a flour dough shell, served with Nepalese chutney. Steamed, fried or Spicy.
  • Pork Mo : Mo Dumpling Minced chicken mixed with nepali spices & steamed insede a flour dough shell, served with Nepalese chutney. Steamed, fried or Spicy.
  • Vegeterian Mo : Mo Dumpling Dumpling stuffed with cabbage, carrot & Nepali spices, wrapped in flour dough & then steamed, served with Nepalese chutney. Steamed, fried or Spicy.
  • Kothey (GF) Steamed & Pan-fried dumpling served with Dumpling sauce
  • Jhol MoMo (GF) Your choice of veg, chicken or pork dumpling steamed and dipped in stewed dumpling sauce.
  • Chowmein (GF) Stir fried Noodles with onion, caroot, cabbage, celery & herbs.
  • Dhindo Thali Dhindo, Mula ko Achar (Radish Pickle), Gundruk Sadeko (Pickle of fermented leafy vegetable), Golveda ko Choop (Toamto pickle), Rayo Ko Saag (Mustard greens), and your choice of Ghundruk Ko Jhol (curry of fermented leafy vegetables), khukhura ko jhol (chicken curry), Khasi ko Jhol (Goat Curry), or Machha Ko Jhol (fish curry). Dhindo is a traditional food of Nepal and is prepared by continous mixing of corn flour and other grains like buckwheat in hot water. Jhol is a Nepalese style stew sauce.
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