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Satay Club Menu and Delivery in Washington DC, 20016
  • Satay Club

  • Sushi, Fusion, Thai Food
  • 4654 Wisconsin Ave NW Washington DC, 20016
    - (25) EatStreet Rating
  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $15.00
  • Delivery Cost $1.00
  • Credit Card Minimum $5.00
  • Catering Menu
  • Minimum 10 people.

  • Premium 12A (Party) Vegetable spring roll, kung pao chicken, beef with broccoli, vegetable lo mein, dessert.
  • Premium 12B (Party) Vegetable spring roll, spicy basil leaves with tofu, cashew chicken, vegetable pad Thai, dessert.
  • Deluxe 15A (Party) Grilled chicken satay, dumpling, general tso's chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp with vegetables, combination lo mein, dessert.
  • Premium 12C (Party) Grilled chicken satay, pineapple fried rice, lemongrass chicken, vegetable red curry, dessert.
  • Deluxe 15B (Party) Grilled chicken satay, dumpling, mixed vegetables and tofu, crispy beef, combination pad Thai, mango chicken, dessert.
  • Deluxe 15C (Party) Grilled chicken satay, maki roll, mee goreng with chicken, lemongrass chicken, basil tofu, beef and broccoli, dessert.
  • Grand 18A (Party) Vegetable spring roll, pan fried meat or vegetable dumpling, mango chicken, crispy beef, mixed vegetable with tofu, combination lo mein, dessert.
  • Grand 18B (Party) Maki roll, pan fried meat or vegetable dumpling, pad Thai chicken, mixed vegetable with tofu, sambal shrimp and squid, vegetable fried rice, dessert.
  • Super 20A (Party) Vegetable spring roll, grilled chicken satay, crab rangoon, pad Thai tofu, peking duck, sesame chicken, salt and pepper shrimp, beef with mixed vegetable, dessert.
  • Super 20? (Party) Crab rangoon, grilled chicken satay, vietnamese summer roll, pad thai chicken, peking duck, grilled salmon teriyaki, basil tofu, Thai red curry shrimp, dessert.
  • Catering Sushi Menu
  • Sushi Lover (Party) Sushi nigiri 50 pieces. Snow crab (5 pcs), BBQ eel (5 pcs), cooked shrimp (5 pcs), salmon (5 pcs), tuna (5 pcs), yellowtail (5 pcs), spicy scallop (5 pcs), mackerel (5 pcs), smoked salmon (5 pcs), masago (5 pcs).
  • Vegetarian Plate (Party) 10 pieces sushi and 8 roll. Seasoned bean curd (5 pcs), tamago (5 pcs), vegetable tempura roll (2 pcs), cucumber roll (2 pcs), avocado roll (2 pcs), oshinko roll (2 pcs).
  • Maki Lover (Party) 18 rolls maki sushi. California roll (3 pcs), BBQ eel roll (3 pcs), spicy crunchy tuna roll (3 pcs), avocado cucumber roll (3 pcs), salmon and scallion roll (3 pcs), soft shell crab roll (3 pcs).
  • Paradise Plate (Party) 18 pieces sushi and 8 rolls. Tuna (3 pcs), salmon (3 pcs), yellowtail (3 pcs), tobiko (3 pcs), BBQ eel (3 pcs), tamago (3 pcs), California roll (2 pcs), avocado cucumber roll (2 pcs), spicy crunchy tuna roll (2 pcs), salmon and scallion roll (2 pcs).
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