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Dowize Bistro Menu and Delivery in Wilmette IL, 60091
  • Dowize Bistro

  • Sushi, Fusion, Thai Food
  • 1107A Central Ave Wilmette IL, 60091
    - (10) EatStreet Rating
  • Hours 11:00am - 9:30pm
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $10.00
  • Delivery Cost $3.00
  • Noodles
  • Your choice of chicken, tofu, vegetable, beef, shrimp, duck, or seafood combination.

  • Pad Thai Thin rice noodles, bean sprout, green onion, egg and ground peanut.
  • Pad See Iew Wide rice noodles with sweet soy sauce, egg and Chinese broccoli and bok-choi.
  • Pad Kee Mao Wide rice noodles with basil, string bean, carrot, onions, thai chili and tomato.
  • Pad Woon Sen Stir fried glass noodles with egg, peapod, onion, napa and carrot
  • Lard Nar Wide rice noodle topped with gravy and Chinese broccoli and bok-choi.
  • Kao Soi Noodle Crisp & soft egg noodles with a coconut yellow curry, red onion, cilantro, scallion & lime.
  • Chow Mein Egg noodles, bean sprout, carrot, celery and onions.
  • Entrees
  • Your choice of chicken, tofu, vegetable, beef, shrimp, duck, or seafood combination.

  • Thai Basil Stir fried with basil, bell pepper, mushroom, onion, and Thai chili.
  • Veggies Delight Stir fried mixed fresh vegetables.
  • Fresh Ginger With ginger, peapod, mushroom and onion.
  • Garlic With mushroom, broccoli, green pea and black pepper.
  • Kung Pao With water chestnut, carrot, bell pepper, mushroom, onions, peanut & dried chilli.
  • Cashew Nut Sauteed cashew nuts, shrimp chili paste, peapod, bell pepper, pineapple, carrot, onions, & dried chilli.
  • Broccoli Sauteed broccoli and ginger.
  • Tonkatsu Deep fried pork cutlets.
  • Yellow Curry Sweet potato, green peas and coconut milk in yellow curry.
  • Green Curry Sweet potato, egg plant, basil and coconut milk in green curry.
  • Red Curry Bamboo shoot, basil, bell pepper and coconut milk in red curry.
  • Massaman Curry Potato, onion, peanut and coconut milk in massaman curry.
  • Panang Curry Green peas, bell pepper &coconut milk in panang curry sauce.
  • Rama Garden A well- known vegetable dish, assortment of steamed vegetables with chicken satay then dressed with peanut sauce on top.
  • Teriyaki Served with vegetables tempura.
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