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Pizza Hut - Farwell Ave. Menu and Delivery in Milwaukee WI, 53211
  • Pizza Hut - Farwell Ave.

  • Wings, Pasta, Pizza, Italian Food, Italian, Chicken Wings
  • 2340 N Farwell Ave Milwaukee WI, 53211
    - (66) EatStreet Rating
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  • Hours 11:00am - 1:00am
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $10.00
  • Delivery Cost $3.19
  • Pizza - Create Your Own
  • Create your pizza from the crust up. Start with your pizza size, choose a crust, choose a sauce, add toppings, drizzle a delicious sauce on top, and add a savory flavor to your crust edge. Calorie range varies based on size of pizza and choice of toppings.

  • Create Your Own Pizza Create a pizza with your choice of delicious crusts, sauces and ingredients.
  • Pizza - Meat Recipes
  • Supreme Pizza M 210-270 | L 240-390 Cal/Slice Pepperoni, seasoned pork, beef, mushrooms, green bell peppers and red onions.
  • Super Supreme Pizza M 260-310 | L 270-410 Cal/Slice Pepperoni, ham, beef, seasoned pork, Italian sausage, red onions, mushrooms, green bell peppers and black olives.
  • Meat Lovers Pizza M 260-310 | L 290-450 Cal/Slice Pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, bacon, seasoned pork and beef.
  • Pepperoni Lover's Pizza M 250-300 | L 290-440 Cal/Slice 50% more pepperoni.
  • Pizza - Chicken Recipes
  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza M 190-240 | L 220-350 Cal/Slice Grilled chicken, banana peppers and red onions. With Buffalo sauce and toasted cheddar crust finisher.
  • Chicken-Bacon Parmesan Pizza M 220-260 | L 240-370 Cal/Slice Grilled chicken, bacon and diced Roma tomatoes. With garlic Parmesan sauce and toasted Parmesan crust finisher.
  • Hawaiian Chicken Pizza M 180-230 | L 210-340 Cal/Slice Grilled chicken, ham, pineapple and green bell peppers.
  • Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza M 210-260 | L 240-380 Cal/Slice Grilled chicken, bacon and red onions. With barbeque sauce and toasted cheddar crust finisher.
  • Pizza - Gluten Free
  • Gluten Free Cheese Pizza 110 | 120 Cal/Slice | $1 more per ingredient**Gluten-free pizza made with Udi s certified gluten-free crust and select gluten-free Pizza Hut toppings.
  • Pasta
  • Full Pan serves 2 and includes 5 breadsticks. Family Size Pan includes 2 pans, serves 4, and includes 5 breadsticks.

  • Chicken Alfredo 1020 Cal/Pan Grilled chicken and rotini oven-baked in our Alfredo sauce.
  • Meaty Marinara 890 Cal/Pan Italian-seasoned meat sauce and rotini topped with cheese, then oven-baked.
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