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Indian Grill Menu and Take Out in Montgomeryville PA, 18936
  • Hours 11:30am - 9:30pm
  • Lunch Thali
  • Ask for today's specials.

  • T1. Vegetarian Thali A completed meal consists of - Paneer Dish, Dal, Vegetable, Raita, Roti/Naan, Rice, Pickle & Dessert.
  • T2. Non-Vegetarian Thali A complete meal consists of Chicken Dish, Dal, Vegetable, Raita, Roti, Rice, Pickle & Dessert.
  • Quick Bites
  • B1. Samosa Plate Two Vegetables Samosas served with Mint Chutney & Tamarind Chutney.
  • B2. Bhel Puri Puffed Rice, Potatoes, Chickpeas, Crushed Puris, Onion Blended with Mint, Garlic & Tamarind Chutney.
  • B3. Sev Puri Crispy Puri Topped with Potato, Onion, Chickpeas, Mint, Garlic & Tamarind Chutney.
  • B4. Samosa Chaat Vegetable Samosas Topped with Chickpea Curry, Onion, Mint, Garlic & Tamarind Chutney.
  • B5. Pani Puri 6 Puffed Puris filled with Potato, Chickpeas, Tamarind Chutney Served with Chilled Spicy Water.
  • B6. Dahi Batata Puri Puri Filled with Boiled Potato, Chickpeas topped with Sweetened Yogurt, Tamarind Chutney & Fine Sev.
  • B7. Alu Papdi Chaat Crushed Puris, Boiled Potatoes, Chickpeas Topped with Yogurt, Tamarind, Mint & Garlic Chutney.
  • B8. Alu Tikka Chaat Special Vegetable & Potato cutlets Topped with Hot Chickpea Curry, Onions, Mint, Garlic & Tamarind Chutney.
  • B9. Dabeli (2) Burger with Sweet & Spicy Potato Mix topped with Onion, Sweeted & Fresh Garlic Chutney.
  • B10. Vada Pav (2) Potato Rolles (Vada) served in Pav Bun with Tangy Mint Chutney & Garlic Chutney.
  • B11. Dabeli Vada Pav Combo Combination of Vegetable Patty with Tomatoes, Lettuce, Cheese with Tangy Mint Chutney Served on Bun.
  • B13. Pav Bhaji Special Mixed Veggies Mixed with Homemade Spices. Served with Special kind of Bread (Pav).
  • B14. Chicken 65 Deep- Fried Chicken Dish Popular in South India as Bar Snack. Marinated with 65 Spices.
  • B15. Chole Bhatura Deep Fried Puffed Bread (2 Pieces) served with Spicy Chickpeas Curry.
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