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Queen Sheba Menu and Take Out in Seattle WA, 98102
  • Hours Closed
  • Appetizers
  • Selata spicy Vegan. Gluten free. Traditional ethiopian salad with fresh tomatoes, crisp greens, sliced onions and crisp greens.
  • Vegetarian Rolls spicy Vegan. Lentils, fresh greens and yellow split peas rolled together in injera.
  • Entrees
  • All entrees are served with injera bread.

  • Doro Tibs spicy Cubed breast of chicken sauteed in seasoned olive oil, wine, onions, garlic, finished with sliced tomato and fresh jalapeno. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Doro Wot spicy Chicken leg meat simmered in a spicy base of hot peppers and onion, served with a hard boiled egg, served spicy.
  • Sheba's Spicy Chicken spicy Tender chicken breast sauteed in olive oil, house ground spices and chopped greens in a spicy red awaze sauce. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Bamia Beef spicy Fresh cut okra and choice beef simmered in our homemade sauce. Served spicy.
  • Bozena Shiro Spiced ground peas and chopped prime beef simmered in awaze sauce. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Gomen Tibs Tender beef loin sauteed in red hot pepper, onion, olive oil, garlic and chopped spinach.
  • Kei Wot spicy Tender chunks of prime beef sauteed in our spicy red sauce. Served spicy.
  • Spris (Lega Tibs) Cubes of beef tenderloin sauteed in house blended spices with red chopped tomato and sliced jalapeno. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Yebeg Alicha Succulent lamb cooked to perfection in herb butter, seasoned with blended spices and served fit style, served spicy hot or not.
  • Yebeg Tibs Cubes of tender lamb sauteed in olive oil, house spices, fresh lime juice, tomatoes and zesty jalapeno. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Yebeg Wot spicy Chunks of lamb stewed slowly in our own red sauce accented with sweet onion and house blended spices. Served spicy.
  • Asa Tibs Filet of tender white fish sauteed in aromatic herbs, clarified butter and berbere. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Asa Wot Chunks of flaky white fish simmered in herbs and zesty berbere sauce. Served spicy hot or not. Includes injera bread.
  • Bamia spicy Vegan. Resh cut okra in our spicy homemade sauce. Served spicy.
  • Gomen Vegan. A delicious medley of chopped greens sauteed in olive oil, garlic, onions and fresh ground spices.
  • Misser Wot spicy Vegan. Split red lentils stewed in onions, olive oil and our own spicy red sauce. Served spicy hot or not.
  • Kike Vegan. Ground peas prepared with onion, garlic, ginger and turmeric.
  • Shiro Wot Vegan. Ground peas spiced with berbere, seasoned with onions, garlic and ginger.
  • Queens Specials
  • Meat Combo Special Doro wot, yebeg alicha, gomen tibs and yebeg wot with a vegetarian side. Serves two. Served spicy hot or not. Includes injera bread.
  • Vegetarian Combo Special spicy Vegan. A tasty vegan trio of misser wot, gomen and kike garnished with cabbage and potatoes.
  • Desserts
  • Baklava Layers of flaky pastry filled with sweet honey and ground nuts.
  • Tiramisu Marscapone and chocolate are only two features of this favorite Italian temptation.
  • Tapioca This tasty dessert is made from the cassava, and is staple food in many cultures.
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