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Chengdu Gourmet Menu and Delivery in Pittsburgh PA, 15217
  • Chengdu Gourmet

  • Seafood, Chinese Food, Soup, Chinese
  • 5840 Forward Ave Pittsburgh PA, 15217
    - (119) EatStreet Rating
  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $15.00
  • Delivery Cost $2.00
  • Chef's Special
  • P93. Black Mushroom with Beef and Chicken Tender sliced beef and chicken breast sauteed with black mushroom, bamboo shoots and snow peas in brown sauce.
  • P94. Beef with Scallops Fresh scallops and sliced beef sauteed with vegetables in brown sauce, served on platter with onions.
  • P95. Triple Delight Large shrimp, chicken breast and tender beef stir-fried with snow peas, carrots, straw mushrooms, baby corn and water chestnuts in special brown sauce.
  • P96. Happy Family Jumbo shrimp, chicken breast, beef pork and scallops stir-fried with vegetables in special brown sauce.
  • P97. Dragon and Phoenix spicyJumbo shrimp and chicken breast stir-fried with mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, snow peas, pepper, baby corn and black beans in a brown sauce. Hot and spicy.
  • P98. Seven Wonders of the World Jumbo shrimp, chicken breast, beef, pork and scallops stir-fried with vegetables in special brown sauce, General Tso's chicken and seven fried fantail shrimp.
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