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Tam's Egg Roll Menu and Take Out in Dallas TX, 75230
  • Hours Closed

Restaurant is Closed

It will reopen tomorrow at 11:00am.

  • Beef
  • All dinners served with fried rice and a fortune cookie. Steamed rice available upon request.

  • Pepper Beef Tender beef stir-fried with bell pepper and onion in oyster sauce.
  • Beef Broccoli Broccoli and carrots stir-fried with beef.
  • Hunan Beef spicy Sliced beef stir-fried with broccoli, snow peas, mushrooms, and zucchini in a spicy Hunan sauce.
  • Garlic Beef spicy Spicy garlic sauce stir-fried with tender beef, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms and water chestnuts.
  • Beef and Snow Peas Sliced beef tossed with snow peas, onion, water chestnuts and mushrooms in a light sauce.
  • Szechuan Beef Sliced beef stir-fried with bell pepper, celery, onion and mushrooms with hot Szechaun sauce.
  • Mongolian Beef spicy Tender beef stir-fried with mushrooms and green and white onions, Mongolian style.
  • Kung Pao Beef spicy Bamboo shoots and peanuts sauteed with tender beef in a spicy sauce.
  • Curry Beef spicy Flavorful curry spices stir-fried with beef, onion, bell pepper and water chestnuts.
  • Orange Beef spicy Crispy fried beef in a tangy orange-flavored sauce.
  • Sesame Beef spicy Crispy fried beef in a brown sesame sauce.
Restaurant is Closed
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