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Blue Olive Grill Menu and Take Out in McKinney TX, 75071
  • Blue Olive Grill

  • Middle Eastern Food, Mediterranean Food, Halal, Middle Eastern, Falafel
  • 2414 W University Dr McKinney TX, 75071
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  • Hours Closed
  • Lamb & Rice Specialties
  • All served with small feta salad.

  • Lamb Oozi Oozi is a favorite Arabic dish consists of rice, slowly cooked lamb with an assortment of spices, Raisins, toasted almonds and pine nuts. Served with homemade garlic sauce
  • Lamb Harissa Exotic Moroccan dish! Cuts of tender lamb in spicy creamy Harissa sauce (sauce made of pureed roasted red pepper, chili pepper and potatoes)
  • Lamb Kabsa Tender cuts of lamb cooked in tomato-based rice with Arabic spices, potatoes, peas topped with fried onions
  • Indian Curries and Biryani
  • Curries Served with Basmati Rice.

  • Classic Curry Spicy curry with garlic, ginger, turmeric, tomatoes, chills, coriander and fenugreek. Choice of chicken or lamb ($2.95).
  • Korma Mild curry with cashew-almond nut sauce, yogurt, and coconut cream. Choice of chicken or lamb ($2.95).
  • Jalfrezi Spicy curry sauce with onions, fresh tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms. Choice of chicken or lamb ($2.95).
  • Butter Chicken Boneless chicken in mild tomato-based curry sauce finished with cream and butter
  • Coconut Chicken Boneless chicken simmered in spicy coconut cream sauce
  • Chicken Tikka Masala Chunks of roasted marinated chicken (aka chicken Tikka) in mild tomato-based curry sauce
  • Chicken Kofta Curry Chicken kofta balls (spiced ground chicken) cooked in rich mild creamy curry
  • Chicken Phall spicyVery very very spicy tomato-based curry with a variety of chili and habanero.peppers
  • Lamb Vindaloo Boneless lamb simmered in hot spicy tangy sauce made with red chill paste, vinegar and potatoes.
  • Fish Curry Mid Atlantic Cod fillets simmered in spicy tomato-based curry with fresh ground spices
  • Spicy Vegetable Curry spicyMixed vegetables (peas, carrots, potatoes) in spicy tomato-based curry with fresh ground spices
  • Biryani (Plain) spicySpicy, aromatic rice made with an abundance of spices and herbs and fried onions
  • Chicken Biryani spicySpicy, aromatic rice with boneless chicken breast topped with fried onions
  • Lamb Biryani spicySpicy, aromatic rice with tenders cuts of boneless lamb topped with fried onions
  • Pulao Rice Basmati rice cooked with mild spices, turmeric, chicken stock, butter and peas
  • Naan Grilled leavened white flat bread
  • Paratha (2) Buttered multi-layered flat whole wheat bread
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