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La Marsa menu in Ann Arbor, MI 48104
  • La Marsa

  • Subs & Sandwiches, Mediterranean Food, Mediterranean
  • 301 S State St Ann Arbor MI, 48104
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  • Hours 10:00am - 10:00pm

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  • Traditional Dishes
  • Mjadra Lentil and cracked wheat cooked with onions, olive oil, and herbs. Served with soup or salad.
  • Koshary Traditional Egyptian dish layered with pasta, rice, lentil, onions, garlic, special tomato sauce, and seasonings (served mild or spicy). Served with soup or salad. Add sauteed meat or chicken $6.04.
  • Lamb & Lima Lima beans cooked with tender lamb, tomatoes, and herbs.
  • Mousaka Layers of eggplant baked with fresh tomatoes, onions, green pepper, garlic, and mixed seasonings. Add Sauteed meat or chicken for $6.04.
  • Combos & Party Trays
  • All combos are served with your choice of rice or fries & soup or salad.

  • Shish Combo Shish kabob, shish tawook (chicken kabob) & shish kafta.
  • Kafta Combo Quality ground chicken & meat with parsley & onions.
  • Shawarma Combo Slow roasted chicken & meat shaved off rotisserie skewer.
  • Shish Combo (For Two) One Shish kabob, two shish tawook (chicken kabob) & two shish kafta.
  • Lamb Combo 2 pieces of fried kibbee, 3 grapeleaves, 2 meat pies & 1 lamb kafta.
  • Vegetarian Combo Hommous, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, falafel, grapeleaves, mjadra, spinach pies & vegetables.
  • Sampler Plate (For Two) Hommous, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, falafel, grapeleaves, shawarma combo, shish tawook (chicken kabob) & shish kafta.
  • La Marsa Feast Hommous, baba ghannooj, tabbouli, Greek salad, falafel, two shish tawook (chicken kabob), two shish kabob, two shish kafta, deboned chicken, ghallaba, hommous with lamb & four lamb chops.
  • Flaming Feast Appetizer hommous, baba ghannooj & falafel plate. Spectacular combination of kabobs: 2 kewers of lamb kabobs, 3 shish tawook (chicken kabob), 2 shrimp kabobs, 2 shish kafta, 2 veggies.
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