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Addis Restaurant Menu and Delivery in Richmond VA, 23219
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  • Appetizers
  • 1. Sambussas A pastry shell stuffed with spiced lentils / spinach and pan fried crisp. Vegan and gluten free.
  • 2. Shiro Fit Fit Chilly pea flour and a fresh organic tomato, onions, jalapeno with a torn injera.
  • 3. Katenya Comprised simply of toasted injera, and coated with a spicy berbere sauce, kebay (home made butter) and ayib cheese, finally rolled and cut into pieces. Vegetarian and gluten free.
  • Beef
  • 4. Kitfo Fresh ground lean beef seasoned with mitmita and kebay. Served with omen and ayib. For authenticity order rare. Can also be ordered medium or well done.
  • 5. Kitfo Addis Fresh ground lean beef seasoned with mitmita and kebay, minced onions, and jalapenos. Also served with gomen and ayib. For authenticity order rare. Can also be ordered medium or well done.
  • 6. Goden Tibs This dish is comprised of crispy sauteed riblets, seasoned simply with onions, garlic and rosemary served on a sizzling hot plate.
  • 7. Beef Derek Tibs Cubed beef sauteed until crisp and golden. Seasoned with our perfectly paired sweet tomatoes, freshly diced onions, and green peppers
  • 8. Addis Special Tibs Cubed lean plate, seasoned with onion, kibay, green peppers, and minced rosemary. Served on sizzling hot plate.
  • 9. Quanta Fir Fir Dried neef jerky and a spicy stew with onions, tomatoes, and green peppers mixed with injera.
  • 10. Beef Lega Tibs Cubed beef sauteed with onions, tomato, garlic, rosemary, and green peppers.
  • 11. Keye Sega Wot An in house, clow cooked, red pepper beef stew flavored with chopped onion, grated ginger, pressed garlic, and authentic Ethiopian berbere.
  • 12. Awaze Tibs Cubed lean beef seasoned with onion, tomatoes, and green peppers and simmered in Awaze sauce.
  • 13. Alicha Sega Wot Mild beef stew slowly cooked, simmered with garlic, ginger, and turmeric.
  • 14. Bozena Shiro Served in a boiling cauldron is a crisp cubed beef, slow simmered with Shiro Wot, a thick pea floured simmered with berbere.
  • 15. Addis Specialty Meat Plate Choose any three Awaze Tib, Keye Sega Wot, Alicha Sega Wot, Chicken Tibs, Beef Lega Tibs
  • Lamb
  • 21. Yebeg Keye Wot A slow roasted, diced red pepper and tender lamb stew seasoned with chopped onion, grated ginger root, pressed garlic, and our authentic berbere.
  • 22. Yebeg Alicha Wot Tender lamb stew simmered in our kitchen for hours with freshly pressed garlic, grated ginger root, and tumeric
  • 23. Yebeg Lega Tibs Cubed lamb sauteed with chopped onions, tomatoes, pressed garlic, fresh rosemary, and sliced green peppers.
  • 24. Yebeg Awaze Tibs Cubed lamb pieces seasoned with chopped onion, tomatoes, and green peppers, and simmered in our pleasantly spicy Awaze sauce.
  • 25. Yebeg Derek Tibs Cubed lamb sauteed untll crisp and golden. Then we season it with onion, sweet, red tomatoes, and green peppers.
  • Poultry
  • 26. Chicken Tibs All natural plump chicken breast sauteed with fresh onion, pressed garlic, tomatoes, green peppers. Can order with our spicy awaze sauce as well.
  • 27. Addis Special Chicken Tibs Grilled plump all natural chicken breast with onions, garlic, green peppers, and tomatoes, served on a sizzling hot plate
  • 28. Chicken Kitfo Finely chopped chicken breast cooked with mitmita, chopped onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos.
  • 29. Ye Doro Wot A tender chicken leg simmered in a red pepper sauce with diced onion, pressed garlic, and Ethiopian berbere. Topped with a hard-boiled egg.
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