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Binh Minh Quan Menu and Take Out in Oakland CA, 94607
  • Binh Minh Quan

  • Vietnamese Food, Fusion, Vietnamese, Asian Fusion
  • 338 12th St Oakland CA, 94607
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  • Hours Closed
  • Appetizers
  • 11. BMQ Taste Mini summer, spring roll, jicama roll, stuffed chicken wing, and tofu salad served with peanut sauce and fish sauce.
  • 12. Shrimp Cake (6 Pcs) Tau hu ky. Soybean paper wrap with water chestnut and shrimp, deep fried served with pickle cabbages and carrots.
  • 13. Mini Summer Roll (10 Pcs) Cha gio. Ground chicken, mushroom, carrots, taro, onions and garlic, wrap in rice paper, then deep fried. Served with lettuce, mint leaves and fish sauce.
  • 14. Spring Roll (3 Pcs) Goi cuon tom. Lettuce, mint leaves, bean sprouts, shrimp, vermicelli, wrap in rice paper, served with peanut sauce.
  • 15. Jicama Roll (3 Pcs) Bo bia. Dried shrimps, jicama, fried egg, Chinese sausage, basil, wrap in rice paper, served with peanut sauce.
  • 16. Vietnamese Moon Crepes Banh xeo. Made out of rice flour and turmeric powder, tapioca starch and coconut milk, with chicken, shrimp and bean sprouts served with lettuce, mint leaves, pickled carrots and fish sauce.
  • 17. Stuffed Chicken Wing (2 Pcs) Canh ga nhoi thit. Shredded cabbages, carrots, onions, clear vermicelli, taro, black mushroom, and stuffed in chicken wing, and deep fried, served with peanut and fish sauce.
  • 18. Broiled Green Mussels (6 Pcs) Chem chep nuong. Broiled green mussels in half shell, topped with fried onions, oiled green onions, peanuts, served with lemon.
  • 19. Roasted Quails Chim cut ro ti.
  • Salad
  • Goi. Topped with fried onions, and peanut.

  • 23. Chicken Salad Goi ga. Shredded cabbages, carrots, chicken, and mint leaves served with sesame cracker and fish sauce.
  • 24. Lotus Root Salad Goi ngo sen. Lotus root, shredded cabbages, carrots, shrimp, pork, and mint leaves, served sesame cracker with fish sauce.
  • 25. Beef Salad Goi bo. Lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, pickle carrots, daikon, celery, mint leaves and stir fried onion, garlic, beef with house sauce and rice powder.
  • Fried Rice
  • Chao and com chien.

  • 87. Fried Rice Com chien. with sweet peas, carrots, green bean, corn, and egg. Choice of chicken, beef, pork or shrimp or combination ($2.00).
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