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Mango Factory Menu and Take Out in Minneapolis MN, 55454
  • Mango Factory

  • Dessert, Sushi, Fusion, Asian Fusion, Desserts, Sushi Bars, Japanese
  • 233 Cedar Ave Minneapolis MN, 55454
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  • Hours 11:00am - 9:30pm
  • House Specials
  • Golden Dragon Baked eel, crunch and campyo inside. Topped with mango.
  • Orange Dragon Raw. Spicy. Spicy tuna roll topped with salmon and avocado.
  • Nanuto Five pieces. Raw. Tuna, salmon, white fish and crab stick inside, wrapped with cucumber.
  • Volcano California roll topped with spicy baked crawfish.
  • Banana Roll Raw. Spicy. Spicy kani, cucumber and avocado inside, topped with banana.
  • Flaming Aries Nine pieces. White tuna, crunch, avocado inside, topped with surface burned salmon and banana, three pieces white tuna sushi.
  • Gemini Cities Sixteen pieces. Twins rolls including one Minneapolis roll and one St. Paul roll with three shumai and three gyoza on the side.
  • Leo King Raw. Twelve pieces. Deep fried soft shell crab and lettuce inside, salmon and avocado outside, mini salmon sushi at the side.
  • Rosy Libra Raw. Spicy. Eleven pieces. Spicy tuna, cucumber, crunches within, topped with spicy salmon. Comes with tuna sashimi.
  • Sagittarius Cupid Eight pieces. Deep baked fatty salmon sushi and two shrimp tempura in the middle.
  • Aquarius Dream Raw. Spicy. Eight pieces. Spicy tilapia, masago, topped with Kobe steak and avocado with spicy ponzu sauce.
  • Mango Butterfly Raw. Eight pieces. Baked eel, deep fried salmon sushi, deep fried tuna sushi topped with mango, mayonnaise, and cucumber tart with kani, salmon, tuna inside.
  • Rainbow Crux Raw. Fourteen pieces. One roll with spicy yellowtail, topped with salmon, tuna, white fish and avocado. One yellowtail roll topped with spicy yellowtail.
  • Green Dragon Baked eel cucumber roll topped with avocado, eel sauce and sesame seeds.
  • Red Dragon Raw. Spicy. Spicy salmon roll topped with tuna and avocado.
  • Lobster Roll Lobster tempura, cucumber and lettuce, topped with eel sauce.
  • Crazy Tuna Roll Spicy tuna, cucumber and crunch inside with black pepper tuna and avocado outside with Chef special sauce.
  • Colorful Tobiko Blue crab, spicy tuna and avocado within. Topped with 4-color tobiko and connected by two shrimp tempura.
  • Taurus Treasure Raw. Ten pieces. Yellowtail, tuna, campyo, crunch inside, spicy blue crab, 4-color tobiko on top and sushi on the side.
  • Cancer Titan Raw. Sixteen pieces. One shrimp tempura roll and one roll with shrimp tempura, cucumber and lettuce inside, topped with eel, tobiko and avocado.
  • Virgo Laurel Spicy. Ten pieces. Spicy crab stick, avocado, crunches and cucumber, wrapped by pink soy paper. Served with 2 pieces of tamago sushi on the side.
  • Mystic Scorpio Raw. Nine pieces. Deep fried soft shell crab, cream cheese, cucumber, topped with tobiko and kani. Served with shrimp sushii at the side.
  • Capricorn Hydra Ten pieces. Salmon, avocado, cucumber inside, whole piece eel outside and two shrimp teriyaki.
  • Pisces Wonderland Raw. Spicy. Eight pieces. Whole piece baked tuna and whole piece baked white tuna sushi and salmon roe in the middle with raw quail egg on the top and five pieces of salmon sushi balls on the side.
  • Flotant Pegasus Raw. Spicy. Eleven Pieces. Spicy kani, cucumber, salmon skin, cream cheese within. Topped with white tuna, banana and mayonnaise, with white tuna sushi.
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