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Mount Everest Restaurant Menu and Delivery in Berkeley CA, 94704
  • Mount Everest Restaurant

  • Middle Eastern Food, Ethnic Food, Himalayan & Nepalese Food, Indian Food
  • 2598 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA, 94704
    - (13) EatStreet Rating
  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $25.00
  • Delivery Cost $3.00

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  • Nepali Special
  • Served with your Choice of Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy or Extra Spicy.

  • Mount Everest Herbal Soup spicyGarlic soup of the Himalayan cooked in our special home- style herb and spices.
  • Veg Momo Seasonal mixed vegetable dumpling served with home made sauce.
  • Chicken Momo Steam dumpling stuffed with ground boneless chicken served with sauce.
  • Chicken Chilly spicyLightly batter chicken pieces made with tomatoes sauces, onion, bell pepper and chili.
  • Kukhura Ko Sekuwa spicyChicken cube marinated with garlic in a Kathmandu spicy sauce cooked in clay oven.
  • Chhoilla spicyChicken cubes grilled in a clay oven, mixed with traditional Nepalese spices.
  • Dal Bhat Tarkari A classic Nepalese style prepared vegetable curry and lentils served with steam basmati rice with the choice of chicken or lamb curry.
  • Khasi Ko Masu Goat meat cooked in home-style with curry sauce.
  • Aloo Bhenta Tarkari Eggplants and potato prepared in Nepali style with curry sauce.
  • Veggie Chow mein spicyA fried noodles, seasoned with vegetable prepared with Nepali style spices.
  • Chicken Chow mein spicyA friend noodles, seasoned with chicken prepared with Nepali style spices.
  • Royal Paneer Ginger, garlic, onion, tomatoe sauce, cream & Himalayan herbs with homemate cheese cubes.
  • Daal Maakhan Black lentils, kidney beans, ginger, garlic, fried with tomatoes, onions and herbs.
  • Paneer Chili Lightly battered homemade paneer cubes with tomatoes, onion, bell pepper and spices.
  • Everest Biryani Lamb, chicken, shrimp, vegetables fried with basmati rice and Himalayan herbs.
  • Chicken Dishes
  • Served with your Choice of Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy or Extra Spicy.

  • Chicken Curry Tender chicken pieces cooked with tomatoes, onion, fresh ginger made with home made curry sauces.
  • Chicken Saag Boneless pieces of chicken cooked with spinach.
  • Chicken Daal Tender chicken pieces cooked with yellow lentil.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala spicyBoneless chicken breast delicately spiced, grilled in clay oven and cooked with creamy sauce.
  • Chicken Karahi A exquisite oven roasted chicken with fresh bell peppers and onions cooked curry sauces.
  • Chicken Korma Tender chicken pieces tossed with aromatic flavors in thick korma sauces.
  • Chicken Vindaloo spicyA classic preparation with boneless chicken and potatoes with vindaloo paste.
  • Chicken Coconut spicyA chicken dish cooked with coconut mild and spices.
  • Butter Chicken Himalayan styal butter chicken. Premium chicken baked in the tandoori oven and then cooked in house special butter sauce.
  • Lamb Dishes
  • Served with your Choice of Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy or Extra Spicy.

  • Lamb Curry Boneless lamb pieces with home made curry sauce.
  • Lamb Saag spicyTender lamb infused with fresh spinach cooked with aromatic herbs spices.
  • Lamb Vindaloo spicyA classic preparation of lamb and baby potatoes cooked in spicy vindaloo sauce.
  • Lamb Daal spicyYellow lentil with lamb cooked with Nepalese style herb spices.
  • Lamb Karahi A famous dish for its bold flour cooked with fresh onions and bell pepper.
  • Lamb Tikka Masala Tender chunk of spring lamb cooked in light creamy sauces.
  • Bheda Ra Bhenta Tender lamb cube prepared with oven roasted eggplant and home made curry sauce.
  • Lamb Korma Tender Lamb pieces tossed with aromatic flavors cooked w thick korma sauces.
  • Tandoori Dishes
  • All the dishes served in hot sizzler. Served with your Choice of Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy or Extra Spicy.

  • Chicken Tandoori Chicken breast and leg marinated with special yogurt lemon zest cooked in oven.
  • Chicken Tikka Kabab spicyChunks of chicken marinated with herbs spices and yogurt grilled in clay oven.
  • Fish Tandoori spicyFish marinated in our special blend of spices and herbs grilled in clay oven.
  • Lamb Boti Kabab spicyChunk of boneless lamb marinated with yogurt and spices cooked on clay oven.
  • Seekh Kabab spicyGround lamb seasoned with home made spices and skewed in our clay oven.
  • Prawn Tandoori Shrimp marinated with yogurt and fresh herbs roasted in the tandoor.
  • Mount Everest Sizzling Platter Marinated shrimp, chicken, lamb, fish served hot sizzling with chunk of onion and peppers.
  • Rack of Lamb Rack of lamb marinated with yogurt, garlic, ginger and cooked on clay oven.
  • Seafood
  • Served with your Choice of Spice Level: Mild, Medium, Spicy or Extra Spicy.

  • Fish Curry Oven roasted fish cooked with special Nepalese style fish curry sauce.
  • Fish Vindaloo spicyA classic preparation of fish and baby potatoes with special sauces vindaloo.
  • Shrimp Curry Marinated char grill shrimp cooked with tomato, onion in thick spicy sauces.
  • Shrimp Tikka Masala Shrimp cooked with spices and creamy sauces.
  • Shrimp Vindaloo spicyShrimp cooked with baby potatoes with special vindaloo sauce.
  • Bhojan Entrees (A La Carte)
  • Organic.

  • Kurilo Aloo Cheyau Organic asparagus cooked with organic mushroom and potatoes over onions, tomatoes sauces. Served with basmati rice.
  • Pyaje Kukhura Boneless organic chicken firstly cooked in onion, tomatoes sauce and garnished with onions by adding fresh lemon juice & cilantro.
  • Bheda Ra Pudina Tender Lamb cube prepared with zesty organic mint sauce, and home made spices served with plain naan.
  • Peero Jhinge Maccha Lightly batter prawns deep fried, prepared with chunk of onions, tomatoes & bell peppers, served hot.
  • Gobi Paratha Cauliflower stuff whole wheat bread baked over the pan with the butter.
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