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3 Brothers Pizza menu in Atlantic City, NJ 08260
  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $12.00 - $25.00
  • Delivery Cost $2.00 - $4.00

Restaurant is not currently accepting online orders.

It will reopen Friday at 12:00pm.

  • Cold Salads
  • All salads come with dressing on the side. Dressings: oil & vinegar, balsamic vinaigrette,Just Balsamic(di Modena) ranch, honey mustard, blue cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette, creamy Italian & E.V.O. W/Lemon Juice.

  • House Salad Crispy Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Fresh Green Peppers, Carrots & Olives with your choice of dressing
  • Mediterranean Spring Mix Salad Spring mix Romaine & Green Leaf Hearts, Fresh Lettuce, red Onions, Grape & Sun Dried tomatoes, Olives & Fresh Mozzarella cheese with your choice of dressing
  • Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad Served Fresh sliced apples, cranberries, crumbled blue cheese, walnuts & Crispy romaine lettuce (suggested with raspberry vinaigrette).
  • Mozzarella Caprese Salad Served w/ fresh mozzarella, basil, roasted red peppers, tomatoes & olives. Suggested Dressings: E.V.O & Balsamic comes on the side
  • Ceaser Salad Crispy Romaine lettuce, & Caesar Dressing comes on the side
  • Antipasto Salad Served w/ Ham, Provolone Cheese, Genova Salami over a bed of House salad and your choice of dressing on the side
  • Blackened Chicken Caesar Salad Caesar Dressing on the side
  • Bruschetta Salad Usually comes W/ Italian Dressing or your choice on the side
  • Greek Salad Anchovies upon request. Dressings: Usually comes W/ Italian Dressing or your choice on the side. Oil & vinegar, Balsamic vinaigrette, Ranch, Honey mustard, Blue cheese, Creamy Italian
  • Turkey Bacon Salad Crispy Bacon Bites & Lightly Grilled Turkey over a toss house salad. Recommended with Ranch Dressing
  • Grilled Shrimp Scampi Salad Grilled shrimp marinated in garlic, lemon & parsley sauce over tossed salad. Usually comes W/ E.V.O. & Lemon Juice or your choice of dressing
  • Shrimp Caesar Salad Crispy Romaine lettuce, Grilled Shrimp, Caesar dressing & Parmesan Cheese
  • Quesadilla
  • Quesadilla Chicken, Diced Tomatoes,Fresh Green Peppers, Mozzarella, Cheddar Cheese, Garlic white Sauce & Seasoning
  • Ciabatta Panini
  • All ciabatta panini are made with homemade bread and served with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese.

  • Grilled Chicken Ciabatta Homemade Ciabatta Bread w/ grilled Chicken Tenderloin Fresh sliced Tomatoes & Melted Mozzarella Cheese
  • Steak Chiabatta Homemade Ciabatta Bread w/ grilled Philly Steak Fresh sliced Tomatoes & Melted Mozzarella Cheese
  • Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella Homemade Ciabatta Bread w/ prosciutto, Spinach, Melted mozzarella & Sliced tomatoes
  • Grilled Veggie Ciabatta Homemade Ciabatta Bread W/ Spinach, Broccoli, Roasted Red Peppers, Mushroom off the grill & Melted Mozzarella Cheese
  • Italian Ciabatta Panini Toasted Homemade ciabatta bread, Soppressata Salami, Ham, Provolone Cheese Sun Dried Tomatoes Dressed off the Grill with E.V.O. agliolio & Seasoning
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