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Panda Dynasty Menu and Delivery in Kalamazoo MI, 49009
  • Hours 5:00pm - 9:00pm
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $10.00
  • Delivery Cost $5.48
  • Panda Dynasty Dinner
  • H1. General's Chicken Large chunks of chicken lightly battered & stir fried in a special sweet & spicy general's brown sauce.
  • H2. Dragon Phoenix A wonderful combination of two splendid dishes; General's Chicken and jumbo shrimps stir-fried with hot chili sauce.
  • H3. Treasure Delight A splendid dish of jumbo shrimps, scallops, tender beef, chicken, and pork stir-fried with eggplant in Chef's special sweet and spicy Szechuan sauce.
  • H4. Pineapple Shrimp Our signature dish prepared with jumbo shrimps lightly fried and sauteed with diced pineapple in Chef's special white wine Grand Mariner sauce.
  • H5. Three Flavour Shrimp Splendid combination of three different flavored jumbo shrimps; Pineapple Shrimp, Sweet & Sour Shrimp & Curry Shrimp.
  • H6. Peking Duck Whole tender duck, slowly roasted until crispy browned skin, sliced & served with Chinese buns to wrap Peking duck & fresh scallion with Hoisen sauce.
  • H7. Crispy Duck Tender duck marinated with Chef's signature sauce for several hours then lightly deep-fried to make crispy skin outside with juicy meat inside.
  • H8. Sliced Duckling w/ Ginger Root Sliced boneless duckling stir-fried with green and red pepper, snow pea, mushroom, carrot, and Asian Ginger root in an aromatic ginger sauce.
  • H9: Szechuan shrimp and Scallop Jumbo Shrimp & scallops stir fried with carrot zucchini, celery in a sweet and spicy Szechuan sauce.
  • H10. Seafood in Bird's Nest Jumbo Shrimp and Scallop stir fried w.mixed veggies in our tasty white sauce served in a crispy potato basket.
  • H 11. Sizzling Beef and Scallop Tender beef jumbo scallops & mixed veggies stir-fried in chef's special brown sauce es served on a sizzling platter.
  • H 14. Happy Family A splendid mix of jumbo shrimps, scallops, chicken, beef and pork stir-fried with snow pea, broccoli and carrot in Chef's special brown sauce.
  • H 13. Mushroom Delight A splendid combination of jumbo shrimps, scallops, chicken, beef pork and a mound of fresh mushroom stir-fried in Chef's special brown sauce.
  • H 12. Seafood Happiness Jumbo shrimps and scallops cooked with snow pea, car-rot, naps, zucchini, mushroom, and bean curd in Chef's special brown sauce served on a sizzling platter.
  • H 15. Double Treasures Jumbo shrimps 6. scallops sauteed w. Chef's sweet dr spicy sauce 6 placed in the middle of the steamed broccoli ring.
  • H 16. Chicken U-Don Noodle Delicious U-Don noodle stir-fried with white meat chicken and veggies in sweet and salty soy sauce to make it all time favorite for everyone. Choice of meat: chicken , pork , beef , shrimp , combination
  • Special Dishes
  • Chicken U-Don Noddle U-Don Noodle is a must try special dish in Panda Dynasty. Delicious U-Don Noodle stir fried with lots white meat chicken and vegetables in sweet and salty soy sauce to make it all time favorite for everyone.
  • Asian Rice Wine Chicken Yes! we made Asian Rice Wine in house. Using sweet short grain rice to ferment and prepared this dish. This dish gives a bold rice wine flavor with a sweet note. Must be 18 or older.
  • Chicken Asparagus Sliced white meat chicken stir fried with crispy sweet asparagus in our brown sauce. Limited time only.
  • Golden Bun (6 pieces) Start your meal with sweet appetizer. This Golden Asian Buns lightly fried and served with sweet milk.
  • Teriyaki Beef (4 skews) This is a great appetizer to share. Marinated in our chef a s special sauce for over 6 hrs to give this teriyaki beef a wonderful and unique flavor.
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