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Fushimi Menu and Delivery in Milwaukee WI, 53202
  • Hours Closed
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    ETA 50 min
  • Delivery Minimum $15.00
  • Delivery Cost $3.99+
  • Maki Creations
  • Outstanding Roll Spicy tuna inside topped with eel,avocado served with spicy mayo, eel sauce.
  • Green Monster Roll Sweet potato tempura, cheese inside with seaweed on top.
  • Godzilla Roll Spicy tuna roll topped with whole avocado served with spicy mayo sauce.
  • Fantastic Roll Shrimp tempura and cucumber inside, topped with seared tuna, lobster salad, avocado, red tobiko with spicy citrus and eel sauce.
  • Angel Dragon Roll Seared tuna, asparagus and radish sprout inside topped with tuna, eel and avocado served with wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and eel sauce.
  • Rocky Mountain Roll White tuna, crab, avocado wrapped in seaweed and rice, served with eel sauce, spicy mayo, chili sauce and masago.
  • Spicy Santa Roll spicyShrimp tempura, cucumber inside, topped with crunchy crab meats, scallion, masago served with chef special sauce.
  • Sexy Girl Roll Crispy light fried lobster meat inside and spicy tuna on the top with spicy chili sauce.
  • Spicy Tuna Sandwich spicySpicy tuna, avocado, crunchy, red tobiko in a sandwich shape served with spicy mayo sauce.
  • Mexican Roll Fresh tuna,salmon,jalapeno and cheese lettuce wrapped in seaweed served ponzu dressing sauce.
  • Volcano Roll Spicy tuna tempura crisps and avocado inside topped with tuna, salmon, white tuna and served with spicy mayo and chili sauce.
  • Super Fish Roll Tempura salmon,cheese and avocado topped w. spicy crab and eel sauce.
  • Snow Mountain Roll Shrimp tempura, cheese and avocado topped with spicy crab, crunchy flakes and eel mango sauce.
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