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Omi Sushi Menu and Delivery in Dekalb IL, 60115
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Restaurant is Closed

It will reopen tomorrow at 11:00am.

  • Korean Entr?e
  • Served with miso soup & house salad.

  • Bulgogi Sliced marinated beef with vegetables.
  • Spicy Chicken spicySliced spicy marinated chicken with vegetables.
  • Hwe Dup Bab Assorted raw fish with vegetables over rice and spicy sauce on the side.
  • Bibimbob Assorted vegetable, egg, over rice your choice of meat (Choice of chicken, beef and tofu)
  • Donbury
  • Served with miso soup.

  • Oyako Don Grilled chicken, egg, vegetables with special soy sauce over rice.
  • Katsu Don Grilled pork cutlet, egg, vegetables with special soy sauce over rice.
  • Gyu Don Grilled beef, egg, vegetables with special soy sauce over rice.
  • Deep-Fried Rolls
  • One Roll is 4-10 pieces.

  • Chicago Roll Spicy tuna, crab meat, cucumber, cream cheese and jalapeno (w/ spicy mayo , eel sauce and white sauce).
  • Dekalb Roll Spicy tuna, avocado, cream cheese deep fried (w/eel sauce).
  • Las Vegas Roll Tuna, avocado, & cream cheese. Panko deep fried with spicy crabmeat and tobiko on top.
  • N.I.U Roll Crab meat, avocado, cucumber, masago, cream cheese & eel with panko deep fried sweet potato on top (w/eel sauce, wasabi mayo).
  • Omi Roll Crab meat, avocado and cream cheese (w/white& eel sauce).
  • Rice Crispy Roll Deep fried rice with baked spicy crab meat, octopus & crunch bit on top (w/ eel& sweet chili sauce).
  • Salsa Roll Salmon, cream cheese and avocado deep fried with jalape?o on top (w/ eel, spicy mayo, chili sauce).
  • Sunday Morning Roll Salmon& cream cheese deep fried (w/eel sauce).
  • Sycamore Roll Lobster meat, avocado, egg, cream cheese and masago panko deep fried (w/ white sauce , sweet chilli sauce).
  • Snow Mountain Roll Lobster meat, smoked salmon, crab salad, avocado and cream cheese. deep fried (w/shallot & eel sauce).
  • Special Rolls
  • One Roll is 8-10 pieces.

  • Alaska Roll Real snow crabmeat, avocado and cucumber with Almond flake on top (w/ wasabi mayo).
  • Black Jack Roll Spicy crab meat, avocado, cucumber with salmon and Tuna on top (w/spicy mayo).
  • Caterpillar Roll Crabmeat, eel and cucumber with avocado on top (w/ eel sauce).
  • Cherry Blossom Roll Tuna, red snapper, cucumber and masago wrapped with soy paper (w/ lemon juice).
  • Crunch Roll Spicy tuna and scallop with almond flake on top (w/spicy mayo, wasabi sauce).
  • Chicken Tempura Roll Chicken Tempura, avocado and cream cheese with crunch on top (w/ yamyam & eel sauce).
  • Caribbean Roll Shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, cream cheese with mozzarella cheese and fresh salsa on top ( w/shallot sauce, sweet chili).
  • Double Shrimp Roll Shrimp tempura and carb salad with shrimp & avocado on top (w/ eel sauce).
  • Dragon Roll Shrimp tempura, avocado, crab meat and eel on top (w/eel sauce).
  • Diablo Roll Deep fried Soft shell crab, avocado, lobster meat and cream cheese (w/eel sauce and spicy mayo).
  • Dynamite Roll Shrimp tempura, spicy tuna and crab meat with masago on top (w/spicy mayo).
  • Fire Cracker Roll Shrimp tempura and avocado with grilled spicy crab salad on top (w/spicy mayo).
  • Fuji Dragon Roll Shrimp tempura, spicy crab meat and octopus with eel, avocado & cream cheese on top (w/eel sauce).
  • Green River Roll Panko deep fried salmon, cucumber and lobster guacamole with white tuna on top (w/ shallot, green spicy chili sauce and wasabi tobiko).
  • 911 Roll Spicy crab, shrimp tempura and avocado with mozzarella cheese and snow crab on top ( w/wasabi mayo, eel sauce and yumyum sauce) , Served on flaming skillet
  • Futomaki Roll Crabmeat, avocado& cucumber, masago, yamagobo, kampyo, oshinko, and tamago.
  • Hawaiian Roll Tuna, white tuna and crab meat with avocado and mango on top (w/ sweet mango sauce).
  • Jenny Roll Shrimp tempura, avocado and cucumber with spicy tuna on top (w/spicy mayo and eel sauce).
  • Kamikaze Roll Spicy tuna and cucumber with albacore tuna and jalapeno on top (w/ horse sauce and chili sauce).
  • Kiss of Fire Roll Spicy tuna and cucumber with torched tuna and deep fried onion on top (w/sweet chilli and eel sauce).
  • Love Love Roll Crab meat, avocado and cucumber with tuna, white tuna and tobiko on top (w/wasabi mayo).
  • Mango Twist Roll Deep fried mango, spicy tuna, and cream cheese with avocado on top (w/spicy mango sauce).
  • Mexican Roll (5pcs) Shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber and jalapeno pepper (w/spicy mayo and eel sauce).
  • Michigan Roll Crab meat salad, cucumber, and avocado with salmon and white tuna on top.
  • Ninja Roll Deep fried red snapper, spicy crab, cucumber, jalapeno and torched spicy crunch (w/ shallot flake on top.
  • No Name Roll Deep-frie crab meat and Avocado with torched Cajun seasoning salmon on top (w/shallot sauce).
  • Pink Lady Roll Spicy tuna, avocado and cream cheese with torched crab meat and crunch bit on top (w/honey & sweet chilli sauce).
  • Rainbow Roll Crabmeat, avocado and cucumber with four kind fish and avocado on top.
  • Salmon Avalanche Roll Avocado, cran meat and cream cheese with torched salmon on top (w/honey sauce).
  • Spider Roll ( 5pcs) Soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, masago and crab meat (w/eel sauce).
  • Tiger Roll Crab meat, avocado and cucumber with shrimp and avocado on top (w/ white sauce).
  • Volcano Roll Crab meat, avocado and cucumber with Spicy cooked fish on top (w/eel sauce and sweet chilli sauce).
  • Waikiki Roll Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, crab meat and fresh pineapple with avocado and coconut flakes on top w/ white sauce.
  • White Dragon Roll Shrimp tempura and avocado with crab salad and crunch bit on top (w/eel and wasabi mayo).
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