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Dao Menu and Delivery in Chicago IL, 60611
  • Hours 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • ETA 45 - 60 min
  • Delivery Minimum $10.00
  • Delivery Cost $2.95+
  • Soups
  • Every bowl of our soup is cooked fresh individually to order.

  • Miso Soup Cup Soft tofu, green onion and seaweed in white miso broth.
  • Chicken Rice Soup Thai jasmine rice and fresh white meat chicken cooked in chicken broth with celery topping, cilantro, green onion, and a cooked garlic. Choice of shrimp is available for additional charges. Gluten Free
  • Tofu Soup Bean curd cake, with or without chicken & fresh vegetables & cooked garlic. Gluten Free
  • Tom Yum Soup Hot & sour chicken soup with straw mushrooms, bitter lemon leaves, onions, and herbs in lemon grass broth. Gluten Free
  • Tom Kha Kai Soup White meat chicken, fresh cabbage, lemon grass and herbs in coconut sour broth. Gluten Free
  • Noodles or Wonton in Bowl
  • With or Without Soup. Substitute to Beef, add $1.00, to Shrimp, add $2.00

  • Tum Yum Noodles spicy Spicy small rice noodles, sliced chicken, crispy shrimp wonton, bean sprouts, cooked garlic, green onion, cilantro & ground peanut in broth.
  • Bamee & B.B.Q. Pork Steamed egg noodles and bean sprout topped with green onions, cilantro, cooked garlic, and B.B.Q. pork. Gluten Free
  • Wonton & BBQ Pork Steamed homemade shrimp wonton, bean sprouts, topped with green onions, cilantro, cooked garlic and BBQ pork.
  • Rice Stick Noodles Steamed rice noodles, sliced chicken, and bean sprouts topped with green onions, cilantro and cooked garlic. Gluten Free
  • Shrimp Wonton Shrimp wonton cooked in chicken broth over bean sprouts, cilantro, green onions, & cooked garlic.
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