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Lotus Chaat & Spices Menu and Delivery in San Rafael CA, 95501
  • Lotus Chaat & Spices

  • Vegan, Vegetarian, Indian Food, Indian
  • 1559 4th St San Rafael CA, 95501
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  • Hours Closed
  • ETA 58 - 73 min
  • Delivery Minimum $20.00
  • Delivery Cost $6.95

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  • Chaat
  • 4. Bhel Puri Savory, crunchy puffed rice with assorted vegetables and tangy tamarind sauce; sweet and spicy.
  • 5. Pani Puri Bite-sized puffed hollow pastries, thin and crackly, filled with a stew-like blend of potatoes, chickpeas.
  • 6. Dahi Puri Crispy little round breads, their tops broken open, interiors filled with a mix of mashed potatoes, chili.
  • 7. Papdi Chaat Deep-fried, puffed flatbreads topped with potatoes, yogurt, and tamarind and mint sauces
  • 8. Chole Bature Big, deep-fried puffy breads made of fine-grained wheat flour, served with spiced chickpea stew
  • 9. Chole Samosey Samosa pastries stuffed with peas and potatoes, accompanied by a vibrant spiced chickpea stew.
  • 10. Aloo Tikki A north indian potato croquette, pan-fried and served hot with mint and tamarind sauces.
  • 4822. Puri Bhaji Puri made of flat rounds of flour that are deep fried and served with spiced potatoes.
  • South Indian Specialties
  • 11. Masala Dosa Giant wafer-thin crepe-like pancake with delicate tangy flavor, made of naturally fermented rice.
  • 12. Lotus Special Dosa Thin lentil/rice pancake stuffed with aromatically spiced tofu, potatoes, broccoli and carrots.
  • 13. Pav Bhaji Potato-based vegetable curry, served with house made soft bread and topped with fresh coriander.
  • 14. Sambar Vada Deep-fried savory donuts made of lentil flour with spices and coconut.
  • 15. Sambar Idli South indian breakfast classic, little cakes of steamed, fermented black lentil and rice flour.
  • 16. Dahi Vada Deep-fried lentil donuts, soaked in a tangy, spiced yogurt sauce.
  • Healthy Vegetarian Chaat
  • 17. Barley Bhel High protein, high fiber grain with chewy texture and nutty flavor similar to brown rice.
  • 18. Bean Sprout Bhel Fresh raw bean sprouts mixed with cooked potatoes, onions, tomatoes, tamarind and mint sauces
  • 19. Tofu Bhel Organic tofu mixed with cooked potatoes, onions, tomatoes, tamarind and mint sauces.
  • Desserts
  • 23. Ras Malai Delicate indian cheesecake patty of house made sweetened paneer in ice-cold milk enhanced with rose water and pistachios.
  • 25. Ice Cream Made specially for us by three twins of terra linda, the bay area's foremost producer of small batch. Choice of green cardamom, pistachio, rose petal, or kesar mango.
Restaurant is not currently accepting online orders.
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