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Golden Crane LA menu in Los Angeles, CA 90057
  • Golden Crane LA

  • Chinese, Hawaiian, Caterers
  • 808 S Alvarado St A Los Angeles CA, 90057
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  • Hours Closed

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  • Special
  • May utilizes her expertise and experience in the last 5 years, trying around best Asian restaurants in LA. Integrating with the nature of Golden Crane Express, she introduces the following dishes. All Sauces are tested for dozen times, and we make sure the best taste in town.

  • Z6 Mapo Tofu spicy Ground chicken and tender tofu stir fried with medium numb-spicy sauce. peas, carrots and green onion are added into it. Spicy.
  • Z7. Singapore Rice Noodle spicy Chicken, beef and shrimp stir fried with rice noodle. Curry tasted with egg, cabbage, onion and green onion. Spicy.
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