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Contact Center Floor Lead

There's hungry, and there's happy. EatStreet was born to be the world's smartest shortcut between the two. We don't make the hoagies, hot wings, or egg rolls, because cooking is best left to cooks. What EatStreet does is make ordering-out as second nature as humanly possible. We combat complicated to hook you up with the food delivery and takeout options you crave, whenever you need it most.

As a Contact Center Floor Lead you will be a cross trained in both Support and Dispatch and will be responsible for supporting your teammates through the real time execution of the overall Contact Center operations. You will also provide feedback/insights to leadership with the goal of helping the team continually improve.

The Floor Lead will often be working independently as the main leadership point of contact for Support/Dispatch and responsible for supervising the contact center during shifts when Supervisors are not onsite. You will be given the tools and training needed to make sure the Contact Center is meeting Service Level requirements in both teams and that the staff is supported under your leadership.

In regards to Dispatch, it is of the utmost importance that the Floor Lead is maintaining constant knowledge of every market’s current conditions and overall performance of the Dispatch team throughout your shift. This includes understanding the limits of Dispatcher bandwidth and knowing when to adjust market assignments, take a dispatcher off calls, and assign help with driver support. This also includes assigning proactive tasks to mitigate market damage.

Given the complexity of the Floor Lead role, it is important that this role has a strong understanding of the requirements of both teams and what success looks like for those groups. You will be expected to be actively engaged with both teams and responsive to real time needs. This requires a “can do” attitude and an outgoing personality.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Floor Leads may be tasked to work Agent shifts, and be responsible for their individual Agent responsibilities during their shift
  • If Agents have questions or need help during their shift, they will go to the Floor Lead. The Floor Lead will provide support to the full extent of their ability. If they can’t answer a question or provide guidance, they will escalate to their supervisor per escalation guidelines
  • Floor Leads will support supervisors with process rollouts and Agent training initiatives
  • Floor Leads will make sure team knowledge is documented, easily accessible, and the team knows how to use it
  • Supervisors will provide Floor Leads with necessary means to document performance issues with Agents, issues with tools or processes, and have touchbase conversations with leadership regarding ideas or improvements.
  • Following every dispatch process fully and knowing each step from memory.
  • Keeping up to date with the continuous process updates and helping to keep dispatchers up to date.
  • Properly communicating any issues with current processes.
  • Offering suggestions and solutions to improve our processes.
  • Raise flags if you notice other members of the team aren’t following processes. Teach them the right way.
  • Actively trying to have an impact on market performance at all times.
  • Encouraging dispatchers to take action when market performance is anticipated to slip.
  • Looking for opportunities to improve Dispatch by communicating ideas and solutions.
  • Being proactive instead of reactive. Looking for ways to optimize our team, not just fix issues that come up.

Here's what we expect you to bring to the table:

  • Proven high performer in current EatStreet role or comparable experience
  • Strong desire to be a leader and have proven leadership potential
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion for contributing to EatStreet’s development
  • Team player
  • Strong desire to learn and commitment to personal growth and development
  • Ability to persevere and continue driving results through challenging situations while maintaining a positive attitude
  • Ability to identify gaps/problems and participate in process of filling/solving them
  • Proven ability to effectively manage stressful situations
  • A strategic thinker who can multi-task effectively
  • Someone who anticipates “what’s next” and is a forward thinker with an awareness for what could be an issue in the near future